Which football fans are the loudest? (2023)

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Who has the loudest fans in NFL?

How loud is it at Arrowhead Stadium? In 2014, Arrowhead Stadium set a Guinness World Record for its stadium noise against the New England Patriots. The fans were so loud that they registered the sound at 142.2 decibels. That's louder than a jet plane taking off.

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Who has the most noisy football fans?

So it comes as no surprise that Napoli fans are some of the loudest in the world. Visitors to the city of Naples usually remark how the entire city seems to shake when there is a match going on at the Stadio San Paolo, such is the fanatic support for the club. That's how loud they usually are in Naples.

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Who are the loudest fans?

Lumen Field (Seattle, Washington)

Bottom Line: Fans of the Seattle Seahawks have set the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium twice — reaching 136.6 decibels in 2013 and 137.6 decibels in 2014.

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What NFL team has the quietest fans?

What NFL team has the quietest fans? A fanbase that is never heard, the Panthers have one of the quietest fans in the NFL. Becoming the league's 29th franchise in 1995, Carolina does well in attendance numbers but is not really an established fanbase yet.

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Who are the wildest NFL fans?

The survey results revealed that sports fans believe Green Bay Packers fans are the toughest in the NFL, while Miami Dolphins fans rank as the weakest in the NFL.

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Which NFL team has the most faithful fans?

A Green Bay Packers fan base leads all NFL fan bases as of 2022, followed by the Patriots, Cowboys, the Eagles, and a Steeler fan base.

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What is the loudest sports crowd ever?

The Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium holds the Guinness World Record for loudest outdoor stadium, reaching 142.2 decibels at a game in 2014.

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What football team has the meanest fans?

In what probably comes as no surprise to many, the Philadelphia Eagles took home the rudest fanbase.

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What is the loudest football match?

Arrowhead Stadium – home to the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs – holds the world record for the loudest sports stadium of all time. 142.2 decibels were reached in September 2014 when the Chiefs' fan base wildly cheered them on to a 41-14 win over the New England Patriots.

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What's the hardest NFL stadium to play in?

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest NFL stadium and perhaps one of the hardest stadiums in the United States for opponents to play in.

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What is the nicest NFL stadium?

SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Rams and Chargers

Home to the LA Rams and Chargers, it's the most expensive arena in the NFL and American sports costing an estimated $6 billion to build. No wonder SoFi is the best stadium in the NFL.

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What is the least popular NFL team?

Out of all 32 teams, the Las Vegas Raiders are the most negatively-viewed NFL team online, with 14.2% posts mentioning them coming in as negative. In second place with nearly 50% less negative sentiment are the Chicago Bears; the Denver Broncos are not far behind, with 7.96% of all posts about them negative.

Which football fans are the loudest? (2023)
What is the least favorite NFL team?


Although the Buccaneers have had a huge attendance increase in 2021 due to Tom Brady and winning a Super Bowl, Tampa Bay has one of the worst fanbases in the league.

Who is the most likeable NFL team?

With 8.51 million supporters, the Dallas Cowboys have been the most valued NFL team for 12 consecutive years, and are the NFL team with the most fan base. The NFL is not just a sport to Americans; it's a tradition that has been carried on for decades, within and beyond the U.S. borders.

Who has the craziest fans in football?

20 World Football Clubs with the Craziest Fans
  • 20 World Football Clubs with the Craziest Fans. 0 of 14. Football has a way of bringing out the worst in fans. ...
  • Chelsea. 1 of 14. ...
  • Celtic and 3. Rangers. ...
  • Galatasaray. 3 of 14. ...
  • Red Star Belgrade. 4 of 14. ...
  • Partizan Belgrade. 5 of 14. ...
  • Feyenoord. 6 of 14. ...
  • Slask Wroclaw and 9. Arka Gdynia.

What sport has most passionate fans?

RankSportAverage attendance
May 9, 2022

Who has the weakest fan base in the NFL?

In terms of the raw number of fans in the US, two things stayed consistent throughout the past five years: the Dallas Cowboys have the largest fanbase in the NFL, and the Jacksonville Jaguars have the smallest.

Who has the best traveling fans in the NFL?

The Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase is probably the most visible in visiting team stadiums waving their terrible yellow towels. Green Bay Packers fans also tend to travel well. The Dallas Cowboys are always among the country's most popular teams, and their fans are everywhere like a termite infestation.

Why are Chiefs fans so loud?

Architectural Design

Built in the late 1960s, Arrowhead Stadium was manufactured with a high-quality experience in mind. Designed specially to enhance crowd noise, the stadium's concrete seating bowl and metal roof are angled in a way that reflects sound straight back to the center of the stadium.

What NFL stadium holds the most fans?

MetLife Stadium

What is the loudest NFL team?

Finally, the very loudest of all NFL stadiums to date is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Located right in Kansas City, Mo., Arrowhead holds a total capacity of about 77,000 spectators. The stadium currently holds the Guinness World Record for loudest open outdoor air stadium.

Which NFL team has the best tailgating?

Tailgating and barbecue are two things Kansas City is known for, and a new ranking proves it. World Sports Network, a sports news and betting company, just ranked the Kansas City Chiefs as the NFL team with the best tailgates. The Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills came in second and third in the ranking.

What is the oldest NFL stadium?

Soldier Field in Chicago, home of the Chicago Bears is the oldest stadium in the league having opened in 1924. The stadium that has been used the longest by an NFL team is Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers since 1957.

What NFL stadium has the most comfortable seats?

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis Colts

The seats are some of the widest and most comfortable in the league, and nearly every one of those seats is angled properly to give fans a superb view of the field.

What are the 5 smallest NFL stadiums?

Here we list the five smallest current NFL stadiums by capacity.
  • Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Dolphins – 65,236. ...
  • Ford Field, Detroit Lions – 65,000. ...
  • Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas Raiders – 65,000. ...
  • State Farm Stadium, Arizona Cardinals – 63,400. ...
  • Soldier Field, Chicago Bears – 61,500.
Oct 24, 2022

What is the most unpopular football team?

The Dallas Cowboys are the most hated team in the NFL, according to a study tracking trash talking posts on social media.

What are the least hated NFL teams?

The Chargers, Chiefs and Bears are the least-hated teams with just one state each.

What is the least watched NFL game?

Asterisk (*) indicates NFL Network simulcast
Lowest RatedLeast-Watched
7 more rows

Who is the noisiest person in the world?

Irish teacher Annalisa Flanagan holds the world's loudest shouting record with 121 decibels (dB), but there was no previous singing record.

Which is the powerful fans in the world?

ARMY - BTS Fandom

The ARMY is the most powerful fandom in the world. Because it brought an end to the long reigning 'beliebers' group (fans of Justin Beiber). The reason why the ARMY came to be so popular is the short climb of BTS in being the first K-Pop group to win a place in the Billboards 200 Chart.

Do bigger fans make more noise?

Remember: bigger fans push more air through the hole, but they often spin slower, which results in the same end-result of air displacement but at a much quieter, often life-extending rate (faster fans have a tendency to heat up sleeve bearings rapidly, resulting in early death of the fans).

What is the noisiest city in the US?

Polls show that Cincinnati, Ohio is ranked the loudest city in the U.S., with 86% of hotel-goers mentioning how loud the city was in their reviews.

Who can scream the loudest?

Classroom assistant Jill Drake (UK) had a scream that reached 129 dBA when measured at the Halloween festivities held in the Millennium Dome, London, UK in October 2000.

Who has the loudest voice ever?

Not only can baleen whales emit calls that travel farther than any other voice in the animal kingdom, these giants of the deep also create the loudest vocalisations of any creature on earth: the call of a blue whale can reach 180 decibels – as loud as a jet plane, a world record.

Are there any fans that don't make noise?

1. The Overall Best: Honeywell Tower Fan. Why it's great: While the Honeywell HYF290B tower fan doesn't advertise the actual decibel output, it has more than 26,000 reviews, and hundreds of them confirm that this is one of the quietest options on the market.

Are there fans that make no noise?

Designed to be efficient, strong and near-silent, this Devola quiet fan has three different modes including normal, nature and sleep, so you can tailor your fan to suit any individual needs. It also features a 69° vertical oscillation, 12 hour timer and 12 different fan speeds.

Are bigger fans more quiet?

Use Larger and Quieter Fans

Larger fans are capable of moving more air at lower RPMs, allowing them to run much quieter than smaller fans that spin faster.

Who is the best fans in football?

The answer is Real Madrid!

Like in 2021 and 2022, also this year Real is the most followed football club in the world. Overall, the top 10 teams are the same as in 2021 and 2022. There are only several changes in positions. Let's have a detailed look at the football clubs with the most fans in the world in 2023.

What makes my fan so loud?

Your computer fan gets loud because of high internal temps caused by 100% disk usage, high RAM usage, dust and dirt in the vents, or lack of airflow.

What makes a fan more powerful?

Fan power is usually measured by the airflow it generates in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the airflow. Most fans, whether household fans or commercial/industrial fans, have more than one fan speed so you have a range of airflow.

Is it OK to sleep with fan noise?

As long as your fan is clean, sleeping with it on generally does not cause serious health problems. But fans circulate air that may dry your nose and throat and trigger other uncomfortable symptoms. Keeping your home clean and free of dust is one of many ways to help prevent those issues.

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